About Us

Naqelati's mobile application and web platform connect truck and vehicle owners with businesses and people who need help moving, hauling and delivering envelopes, small, medium and large items on demand. Naqelati started in 2017 by founder Samer Tell with the help and support of Co-founders Mohammad Baddar and Mohammad Azzouka, based in Amman the capital of Jordan.

Naqelati provides a user-friendly online booking solution to book a truck for pickup and delivery services through using 5PL model to link 1PL, 2PL and 3PL service providers with customers and businesses (B2C and B2B models). The company intends to cater both domestic (individuals) and small/medium corporate clients by sharing their trucks and vehicles to help people, and will strive to meet all the demands of future customers. Which will help to reduce costs on truck owners and reduce waiting time of customers seeking for a quick and reliable land-freight transport service by choosing the nearest available truck or by scheduling their pickup and delivery requests online.

Our main primary goals are to: improve the pickup and delivery experience for customers and creating an additional income for truck owners.

We ensure that drivers and trucks adhere to safety rules and regulations, pass a background check, vehicle inspection and undergo special training on how to handle goods and deal with customers. We accept all kinds of goods from our various customers with the exception of certain goods that are not legally permissible under the law of the country, such as; Dangerous Goods and Perishables products with plans to accept such products in future.

Naqelati carries a cargo and liability insurance policy to protect the items that we are carrying for our customers. The company is based in Amman (Jordan), and operates throughout Amman and main cities within country of Jordan and plans to expand regionally and internationally.

We are proud to have a partnership with QTech Networks and Pro Solution Cargo and Logistics (DIPEX).

Our Vision Statement

To provide a value added delivery service and be the first online goods delivery business in the region that commence in linking customers with truck service providers either they are at home, work, or shopping centers.

Our Mission Statement

To become one of the largest web site and application that simplify the communication process between customers and truck service providers at any time and place, ensuring that we achieve our goals and objectives.